Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do as I say, not as I do

My writing routine is NOT one to emulate. I write seasonally, specifically in the post-Christmas, pre-gardening season. Fortunately that's a fairly long stretch in Minnesota.

From May through December, I write to deadline. Heroines with Hearts posts, Voices of the Heart posts, weekly CSA newsletters, bi-monthly gardening columns. Short things, 500 to 1000 words. And critiques for my critique partner and loop partners.

This winter, when the garden is sleeping, I'll write two hours each weekday, either in the early morning or leisurely evening, and four to six hours on Saturday and Sunday.

I can't wait.


  1. When you're involved with farming, as you are, Ana, the seasons have to dictate when you have time to write.
    In a similar way, when I was teaching, the job had to take precedence and some periods of the year were obviously busier than others - start of the new academic year, half yearly and end of year exam times, and writing student reports.
    Plus the time I had to give to my other commitments, not least my two daughters, and then my involvement with Girl Guides and local musical theatre.
    Now I'm retired, you'd think I could spend all day writing. Not so. During the daytime (at least the free days I have!), I can write blogs, leave commeents etc etc. But writing my own novels? I still tend to gravitate to that in mid-evening, which I'm sure is a throwback to my earlier life - babies in bed, school work completed, everything else sorted? Okay, now I have time to write.
    If only I could discipline myself to write during the daytime, I could probably be more productive. Or could I?
    I've always maintained that my brain works better later in the day or rather the evening. I'm a night owl!

  2. My writing 'routine' is the opposite of yours! I get most of my writing done in the summer when school is out of session. With school starting up this week (Can you believe it?! Where did summer go?) I'll have considerably less time to write.

    And, unlike Paula, I am definitely not a night owl, so late night writing sessions on school nights are definitely out! (g)

    Hopefully I will find some time, as I want to write a novella for a series TWRP is doing in my line - Champagne Rose.

  3. I'm always impressed by how much writing other people can get done in their limited amounts of time! In my head, I've pictured writers sitting at their computers the entire day, every day, but in reality, obviously that's not the case. I don't think a "routine" has to be the same for everyone and if you can get your work done in the limited amount of time you have, great!

  4. You're kind, Paula. And you are a night person, which works great for communications to the USA.

    Debra, I've thought of you as kids (and parents) get ready for school to start after Labor Day. Are you excited to go back?

    Jen, I need to use what time I have more wisely. Lately my excuse is that I've been gone so long, I need to start back at Chapter 1 to refresh.
    That's okay as long as I stay focused until 'THE END'.

  5. I think it doesn't matter what your routine is, as long as you have one that works for you. I'm trying :)

  6. You're absolutely right, Sarah. My trouble is I have vastly different routines summer and winter. That's my excuse, at least. Good luck with finding yours. The best advice I've heard is to write every day.

  7. Hi,

    I don't have a routine to writing. The characters dictate time and motion between daily needs such as dog, animals, garden, field maintenance and hubby! If it's raining I'll crack on with writing eight hours plus boring chores. If the sun is up I bunk off a lot from writing during daylight, then write 'til the early hours! ;)

    In winter again it's back to long days of writing.


  8. The outdoors is a huge draw in the summer. Work, walk, enjoy the sunshine. Writing on a computer is shady work.
    Ha! Love the pun.

  9. I could say the same thing, do as I say, not as I do. There are days when I intend to write but can't get going, so it becomes a day off.