Thursday, November 17, 2011

C is for Country Music

It might sound overly dramatic to say Country Music defined my life, but in a sense it's true.

Growing up, my folks listened to country music. I hated it. Although, my first concert-going experience was to a Kenny Rogers concert. We all got dressed up and the whole family went.

Inevitably, almost as a sign of rebellion, I found a different outlet for my musical taste. In junior high it was Rick Springfield and then in high school the advent of the 80s hair bands had my sister and I going to a different 'metal' concert almost every month. We had a blast. I was definitely an 80s head-banger. It even continued into college where, much to my roommate's chagrin, I had a life-sized poster of Jon Bon Jovi on my closet door. (Jon Bon Jovi still does it for me!)

After I graduated from college, I happened to take a trip to Texas to visit a high school friend who was going to school down there. It was then that country music came back into my life. And there it stayed.

From then on I was hooked, and it led to so many other things, which really did lead me down a certain path in life:

I met my husband at a country bar. We learned to dance together. And fell in love. He's my best friend in the whole world and I owe it all to the music I listen to. (The bar eventually became the setting for my first novel: This Time for Always.) We made friends at the bar (which sadly is closed now) that we still keep in contact with today. Some were even in our wedding. Some of our most memorable moments while dating came while at "Country Thunder", a multi-day outdoor concert/camping experience.

I really do think John Deere tractors are sexy thanks to Kenny Chesney.

Most of my books have somewhat of a country feel. Their corresponding soundtracks are always country. If my hero isn't a cowboy, or something else close to it, he at the very least drives a pick-up truck or wears boots. Certain country songs have sparked ideas which have turned into complete stories.

I even work out to country music most of the time: Toby Keith and Eric Church can rock with the best of them.

And I've learned to love all of those old country classics my parents used to listen to.

There are many folks out there who don't care for country music, but as for me, without it, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Until next time,



  1. I grew up listening to mostly rock, country, and pop. As I got older--pop and rock stopped resonating with me so much and country music really seemed to strike chords with me.

    I still love the 80's music--but from about 98 on I've been pretty much country all the way.

    Great post, Jenn

  2. Jenn, We sound very similar! Resonating...great word. It really many of the songs are about real life.

  3. I love all your 'links' with country music, Debra, and can see why it's so special to you.
    Being of a different generation, not to mention a different country, my main musical memories come from the late 50's and the birth of rock and roll! I only have to hear some of the early Elvis songs, and I'm transported back to my teens!

  4. I used to hate country music. But we listen to it at work, and now I sing along like everyone else. Country is more soft rock now, I think, especially when I watch CMT and the guys have long hair and the women are dressed in short shorts and boots.

  5. I like John Denver and Willie Rogers. Apart from them I have no clue about other country singers. One of my daughters always used to say all 'country songs' had the words Tennessee or 'my mother' in them,and had what she called 'zingy guitars'. LOL. Need I add that she hates country music!

  6. I love country music and there are always country songs that remind me of my hero/heroine/story. I think what I like best about them is that so many of those songs are stories set to music. While I'll admit, some of them are depressing, a lot of them are about love and they're like 2.5 minute love stories.

  7. Country is getting to be a little edgier, but I like that. There's a line in an Erich Church song that says, "I like my country rockin', How 'bout you?"

    And, yep, there's definitely a story in every song.

  8. I think country music is great, especially Toby Keith. It's good to listen to when you're driving long-distance and there's nothing sexier than the image of a tall, handsome cowboy in boots and a hat!