Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tell me how you touch me

Romance writers write about characters falling in love. Since lovers make--and break--love, we have to describe how they touch, and how it feels to be touched. Verbs are better than adverbs, so I've started a list:

Lovemaking touch verbs are caress, fondle, embrace, feel, flirt, hug, kiss, massage, neck, pet, stroke, touch, toy, clasp, coddle, cosset (which I had to look up; it means to pet, as in a lamb.), cuddle, embrace, grope, hug, love, neck, nestle, pamper, stroke, stimulate, trace, tap, tickle, rub, reach, brush, lick, dance, taste, tongue, buss, arouse, quicken, rouse, spark, spur, thrill, instigate, exhilarate, excite, quicken, trigger, whet, kindle, thrust, expose, revere, reveal, unbutton, uncover, undo, unfasten, undress, hold, carry, clinch, clutch, fill, possess, soften, stiffen, soothe, cherish, kindle, bestir, evoke, lather, moisten, lubricate, slide, smear, spread, part, open, circle, encircle, climax, accentuate, sensitize.

Love shaking verbs are nudge, peck, smooch, prod, sting, release, capitulate, comply, crumble, consent, reward, submit, surrender, gratify, indulge, yield, paw, provoke, possess, claim, take, steal, hide, suppress, flaunt, wink, nod, desensitize.

Love breaking touch verbs are hit, strike, flog, scratch, whip, smack, goad, incite, dominate, break, abuse, arrest.

What can you add to this list?


  1. Great list of words there, Ana - although the love breaking ones do seem rather violent!

  2. Oh I am so using this list! Love it. Although, not sure what you mean by "love shaking." I think I'd add more subtle verbs as well to the love breaking list--like ignore, assume, disavow, leave.

  3. Great additions, Jen. Those words would shake anyone's confidence in love.

    Paula, violence does break (kill) love. Or it should.

  4. Agree that violence should - but doesn't always, and I agree with Jen too, that there are many subtle words that can break love too. Lie and cheat also come to mind.