Monday, October 27, 2014

Stick to one genre?

Writing is a business as well as a passion. When I put on my business cap, I know it is best to write in one genre to gain a following of readers. I also know series sell.

I can't seem to settle on a niche, but maybe I should. I have WIPs for a historical and a timetravel. I love both stories passionately. I also have an outline for a contemporary suspense and a concept for a 'small town' series.

I am writing as fast as my life (job to pay bills, family that likes meals and expects interaction, sleep when my eyes water and blur) allows. I know I am a chronic debater of all sides of any issue (from word choice to this choice of story to focus on.)

Do I need to be locked in a box (with laptop) until I choose one genre and publish X number of published books in that genre before I tackle the others? I do love the act / art of writing.


  1. Some writers write in several different genres (often using different pen names for each genre). Others stick with one genre. I'm one of the latter and, so far, haven't strayed out of my comfort zone, except maybe for introducing more subplot intrigues in addition to the development/conflict in the main romance storyline.
    Also I tend to concentrate on one story at a time as I can't flip between stories. I have to sort out one set of characters before I can give my full attention to another set!
    In the end, every writer is different, and you have to go with what is right for you, and not be swayed by what others may do or say!

  2. This is not a decision you have to make until you complete a manuscript and submit it for publication. Then you can decide, and worst case, you use a different name for a different genre. But first, write the book! :)

  3. Those all sound like sub-genres of romance. You'd still be in mainly the same genre, just with different offerings for your readers! :)

    Pseudonyms are very popular for branching out if you find yourself in a particular niche and you don't want any overlaps.

    For now, write which story is speaking to you at the moment and take it from there. It's not a bad things to have several projects going on at once.