Friday, April 22, 2016

P is for perseverance

Margaret talks about the three P's.

Perseverance, perfection and patience - all three qualities which are needed to become a writer.


Let’s look at Perseverance first.  My dictionary definition says: determination to continue, persistence, and continued diligence. How true that is. There are times when, as a writer, you feel that your work is going nowhere. All you want to do is tear it up and start again. Perseverance is the name of the game. (Remember in the film Field of Dreams, were the words ‘If you build it they will come.’?) It’s the same with writing. If you write your book to the very best of your ability, one day you will succeed. It might take several re-writes and lots of patience but if you truly want to be a published writer you’ll get there in the end.


Perfection.  This is all part of the same thing. Writers strive for perfection but because we’re so close to our work we cannot always see it, so it’s a good idea to let someone else read your manuscript before you send it to an editor. As well as considering the story line editors will have no patience for spelling mistakes or bad grammar.


Patience.  I’m fortunate in that I have oodles of patience but I know some people who are equally as impatient. Whatever you do, once you’ve sent a manuscript to an editor, do not enquire about it. Each manuscript is taken in the order it is received and it could be many weeks before you hear. Which is disappointing for you, the writer. On the other hand it gives you time to start something else.





  1. I definitely need perseverance with my first draft, especially when I get stuck or can't see where I'm going with it. After that, the revising, editing and polishing constitute my personal aim for perfection. Fortunately, I don't have to be too patient these days, as my publishers works quickly. I think the record was 26 days from submission to publication (last year, for Irish Intrigue).

    1. Wow! 26 days. That must be a record.

    2. Becca wanted it published in time for St. Patrick's Day so she put it on the fast burner!