Monday, July 4, 2016

A is for Ammi Folkright

Ana introduces her new heroine.

She walks into a lecture hall, where the new-on-the-job hero is subbing for his boss and giving a night class to nursing students. This is what he sees:

            At first glance, she resembled a Nordic gypsy. Black leggings under a colorful past-the-knee skirt that looked sewn from a dozen oversized scarves. Hip-hugging, hand-knitted sweater with domed silver buttons and mammoth pockets. Clunky felt-lined winter boots.  
            A cloud of curly jet-black hair framed this woman’s delicate oval face. The ruddy color on her cheeks suggested she’d walked some distance across campus before coming indoors.
            Intense blue eyes locked onto his as she stepped close. The scent of spring lilacs floated around her. “Where’s Dr. Puissard?”
            “I’m subbing for him this evening. Galen Thomas, PA.” He held out his hand.         
            She squeezed once and let go. Her fingers were calloused and cold. She wasn’t a typical nursing student.
            His palms tingled. He liked women who didn’t dress like mall store mannequins. Mysterious women who had more on their minds than responding to their friends’ social media posts.


  1. Great description of Ammi. We can 'see' her' and also get some hints about her as a persom.

  2. My first thoughts too were how vividly I could see your heroine.

  3. Ditto on the description. I love how you've described her clothes. It really gives us a hint to her personality.

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