Monday, January 30, 2017

What's your Best writing advice?

Ana muses about a day (in the future) when she will be asked for her best writing advice.

What would I say?

Learn the rules (of sentence structure, POV, grammar, etc.) before breaking them.
Feed your muse. Read. Lots.
Love words.
Don't worry about your voice. It will come and it will evolve.

Don't write in secret. Find a critique partner. Join a writing group.

You can't edit a blank page.
Assign a time every day to writing.

What would you say?


  1. Follow your instincts rather than all the 'theories' about plots and characters etc - and never say or think 'That'll do' when you know it isn't the best you can do.

  2. Write from your heart.

    In the vein of dance like no one's watching...write the story for YOURSELF. Readers will come, but don't write the story for THEM.