Wednesday, October 11, 2017

After the release of Stormy Hawkins

Ana muses about the world after the release of Stormy Hawkins

      I used to press my nose against the glass, trying to peer inside the world of a published author so I would know what to expect, and what to do, when --if-- I became one.
      Late last month, I did. I'm trying to catch up and keep up.
      I now have an author FB page (@authoranamorgan). I joined eight FB western romance readers groups and their companion author groups.
      I have an author twitter handle (#anamorgana) and retweeted for the first time the other day.
      I've done some guest spots on other authors' blogs and have more booked. I'll give away a copy of Stormy Hawkins to a rafflecopter winner. I entered Stormy's cover in an upcoming contest, and I'll be part of a author promo hop next month.

      Right after Stormy Hawkins released, it rose to #71 on Amazon's western historical romance list. It has three five-star reviews on Amazon and two five-star reviews on Goodreads. As more reviews come in, I know some will be less complimentary. I'm okay with that. In my day job, one customer can swoon over a soup mix, and the next customer swear they hated it. Tastes differ; people love to give their opinions. (Fortunately, with my soup mixes, the likes far outweigh the dislikes. Hopefully, that will also be the case for Stormy.)
      The biggest thrill for me, so far, was opening an Amazon recommended promo and seeing Stormy Hawkins heading the list.

      I know every other published author has had these same chills and thrills. Many times over.
      I also know the best promo a first-time author can do is Write-the-next-book. I've started book 2 in the series and am limiting Stormy promo to one request or post per day.
     Now I know what life is like after the release of Stormy Hawkins.


  1. Welcome to the club, Ana! You're doing great. Keep it up.

  2. Ditto for me...welcome! I can promise your head won't stop spinning for a long, long time...and then the next book will come out!

    Congrats again on reaching this plateau!

  3. Congrats on everything you're done so far, Ana!

  4. Thank you Debra and Paula.
    I'm getting more comfortable with the new view!

  5. Good luck with it. It sounds like it's going great guns so far -no pun intended!