Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Waiting For the Next Step

Jennifer is waiting...

I’m running out of patience.

Those who know me would laugh, because really, I am not a patient person. So to say I’m running out is kind of the equivalent of saying an empty glass is running out of wine. But I try, I really do, and occasionally, I’m successful at pretending to be patient.

In this case, I’m ready to jump up and down.

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for my galleys so that I can do my last proof of my manuscript and find out my release date. Only then can I start doing serious marketing. I know I’ll get them in the next week or two. But the waiting is killing me, since I turned in my last round of edits in November.

In the meantime, I’ve been drawing people to my Facebookpage and engaging them in order to begin active dialogues about my book when the time is right. I’ve been continuing my Instagram account and running some giveaways on social media and through my newsletter.

I've also been soliciting readers with ARCs for reviews to appear on release day. And I’ve been obsessively checking my email inbox.

I know that one of these days the awaited email will arrive, and at that point I’ll be busier than ever. But in the meantime…


  1. Waiting is a killer, Jenn. I feel for you.
    But it sounds like you have everything ready to start marketing. You'll burst out of the starting gate and soar!

    1. Thanks, Ana! It's just that in my head, I much prefer the slow and steady clip. Oh well, could be worse!

  2. That's a long time to wait! Hope you hear soon. Waiting is so hard :-(

  3. It's that whole holiday shut down that drags things out this time of year. I understand the need to give the editors and cover artists a break, but it does make the wait time longer.

    Yep, that e-mail is going to show up soon, and in the meantime, TRY to forget about it and continue to focus on all of the other fabulous writerly things you're doing. :)