Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Up to My Ears in Audio

Debra's audio books are making progress.

Since my publisher began offering an audio version of their books, I've been literally up to my ears in listening. Editing an audio book is a bit different than editing a print book, as cadence and tone and annunciation all play a role. It's different to listen with your ears instead of looking with your eyes.

Up until now, the titles that have come through of mine have all been novellas. This past week I started listening to the first full-length novel of mine that will be offered in audio. Let me just say it's a loooong process.

First of all it's hard for me to just sit and listen. I feel like I'm not doing anything. And I'm not one for sitting around idly. I'm ALWAYS doing something. So while I listen I do try to multi-task and do things like fold laundry or prepare dinner or other rote things that don't require too much concentration. I do have to be careful which chore I choose to multi-task with, as some take away from my focus on what I'm supposed to be listening to. But overall, I think I've found a good balance of listening and being able to get other things done. If I do hear a mistake, I put aside what ever 'other' task I'm doing and focus solely on rewinding and listening and marking the spot of the error and documenting the error so it can be fixed.

Makes me realize that unless it's riding in a car on a long, I probably wouldn't do well with other audio books. Like I said, it's too much like sitting there and doing nothing. I've only given audio a try once on a road trip, and we wound up turning it off because we got caught in a raging downpour that drowned out the sound of the story. We never went back to it. We probably should give it a try again on the way to/from one of our camping adventures.

Anyway like I said, it's an interesting process to edit the audio version of a story. Yesterday I turned in notes/corrections for chapters 1-8 and was 'rewarded' with files for chapters 9-13. So my work is far from over. A full length novel is A LOT to listen to.

One thing I've discovered as I've been listening to Wild Wedding Weekend is how much I LIKE the story! It's been a while since I've 'visited' it, and I'm remembering all the reasons it was such a fun one to write, even if it hasn't been one of my biggest sellers. Maybe audio will help that. Only time will tell.

Until next time,

Happy Reading! (or listening!)



  1. Interesting, Deb. I didn't have to listen to/edit the full versions of my audio books. I only had to listen to several auditions, and in some cases, second auditions. I'll be interested to know how well your audio books sell, as mine didn't sell many, mainly because of the cost, I think.

    1. I'll be interested to see how they sell, too! Since they've released, I haven't hit that 'pay period' yet. My royalty checks are always a quarter behind...I get paid for the second quarter of the year at the end of the third quarter, etc. Hopefully, they'll do okay and give a boost to my titles. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Debra. I agree about listening while riding in a car. I have not ever listened to an audio book because I live a mile from work.
    Years ago when I drove school bus,I drove into town twice and day. I listened to instructional cassette tapes.
    I'm glad you like hearing Wild Wedding Weekend. I love that story!

    1. Thanks, Ana! Always glad to know when someone enjoys one of my books. :)