Monday, October 26, 2009


Welcome to Heroines with Hearts kickoff week where I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about myself. First, I'd like to thank Tonya for bringing this group together.

This is my first time blogging. I don't want to be a "blog hog" so I'll make this short.

On a personal note, I've been with my husband for over half my life time and I still can't keep my hands to myself, which makes me wonder how I lived the first half of my life without him. We have an eleven-year-old son (who is home with flu-like-symptoms today) and a four-year-old cat.

I love to learn and have taught myself things from how to design a website to how to write a novel. My goal in life has not been to write books, but to gain one-hundred pounds so I could donate blood. I still haven't reached that goal and I was informed last year that you now have to weigh 110 pounds. I'm not getting any younger, I'll start to shrink and lose weight soon, but I won't give up hope!

As a stay-at-home mom, my book writing keeps me sane. There is always laughter in my house (yes, some yelling, I'm a mom!), but my husband and I are both Libra's so we can really get the crazy going. I've actually had to kick him out of bed a few times only to return when the giggles stopped or I was asleep. I'm a fan of country music. I miss country music when it was country and western and the women wore gowns and the men wore decorative suits with rhinestones (I'm showing my age!).

I write educational non-fiction word search puzzle books under my full name, Toni Lynn Cloutier. Word Search USA and World Search Puzzles have been out of print for about two years now. But I'm excited to announce that they are being reprinted with a new look and new facts in the next couple of years. Word Search USA will be available in the spring of 2010 and World Word Search (new title) will be out in the spring of 2011.

As for how I went from puzzle books to romance novels, I'm really not sure. It's been a long journey from having a plot idea to getting it published. Lassoing Love by Toni Lynn will be available in the spring of 2010 by Highland Press.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by. With five contributors, there will be something new to read each visit so come back soon. Until next time, take care!

Toni Lynn


  1. Nice blog, Ladies. Toni don't you know the easiest way to make people HATE you is to admit you need to GAIN weight? That's OK since I already know you and like you! Good luck with the new venture!

  2. LOL...Carly. See, there are negatives to being thin. So if you weigh over 110 pounds, go donate blood in honor of those who can't!

  3. Take heart, Toni - I used to weigh 110 pounds, but as I got older, I might have shrunk heightwise, but have definitely increased widthwise!