Monday, March 22, 2010

Is Less More?

Writers cut repetitive words and paragraphs that don't advance the story when we edit. We ask our critique partners to find what we miss.
We want our story to be perfect when an editor or agent sits down to read it. We want to make the cut. But how far should we cut?
A complex story can be told in 60,000 words or even 6,000 words. It is possible to tell a short story in 600 words. One would really have to edit to tell one in 60 words.
What about 6 words?
I read last week that, to rid himself of a pestering fan, Ernest Hemingway scribbled on a bar napkin: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used."
I wondered if we could do it.
This week let's everyone (followers, too) post 6-word stories.

So far, I have come up with two:
"Patient climbed, waved, jumped. Never landed."
"Last in, he sealed the vault."



  1. You and me. Two. Together forever.

  2. Nice!
    (Proves you are a romance writer, too.)

  3. Love your two 6 word stories, Ana - and Debra's too. I'm still racking my brains to come up with something! Maybe by Wednesday, inspiration will have visited me!