Friday, March 26, 2010

This Friday's Friend is Lois Greiman!

Award-winning author Lois Greiman’s 6th Chrissy McMullen mystery, “Not One Clue,” will be released on March 24th 2010.

Lois, thanks for this interview!

1. On your website, you describe “Not a Clue” as another ridiculous Chrissy McMullen adventure. Why?

Chrissy is one of my all time favorite people. But she tends to get herself in some ridiculous situations.

2. Chrissy McMullen is a stand-out protagonist. I will buy this sixth book in the series expecting her to be as quirky as in your previous books. How do you keep her fresh—and yourself interested?

Believe me, the quirkiness continues, but that’s just because she is what she is. I don’t seem to have to do anything to her or for her. She came to me fully formed and tells me in each book how she will react to the world around her.

3. Jack Rivera is dark, sexy, and (so far) uncommitted. Do you see him changing? If he does, would this disrupt the series? (Does Chrissy really want him to settle down?)

Chrissy and Jack are both evolving…growing up a little, falling in love a little. Even if they do settle down, I don’t expect them to ever truly grow up. Their relationship will always be fractious and lively.

4. What big three craft do’s or don’t’s do you wish you would have known when you started writing?

Hmmm, I wish I had a good answer to that, but the truth is, everything keeps changing in publishing. I believe in writing what you love and writing a lot. It’s never going to be easy, but word count is king. Keep putting words on paper, keep expecting a lot of yourself and good things will happen.

5. I deliberately read first and latest books in a series by a multi-pubbed author, then go back and fill in. Good writers get better over time, yet I fear that authors like you have raised the bar too high for a beginner like me to break in. Do you think that is true? Why or why not?

Well, I know I am now in love with you. So thanks for the compliment, but no, the bar’s not too high. I frequently read work by unpublished writers that is superior to a lot of books in print. It just hasn’t seen the light of day yet. That takes time and persistence and hard work and well…you know the drill.

Lois Greiman was born on a cattle ranch in central North Dakota where she learned to ride and spit with the best of them. After graduating from high school, she moved to Minnesota to train and show Arabian horses. But eventually she fell in love, became an aerobics instructor and gave birth to three of her best friends.

She sold her first novel to Avon Books in 1992 and has published more than twenty-five titles since then, including romantic comedy, historical romance, children’s stories, and her fun-loving Christina McMullen mysteries. A two-time Rita finalist, she has won such prestigious honors as Romantic Times Storyteller Of The Year, MFW’s Rising Star, RT’s Love and Laughter, the Toby Bromberg for most humorous mystery, and the LaVyrle Spencer Award. Her heroes have received K.I.S.S. recognition numerous times and her books have been seen regularly among the industries Top Picks!

Currently, she lives on the Minnesota tundra with her family, some of whom are human.

Lois Greiman


  1. Hi Lois,

    Thanks for being with us today. I see I have some catching up to do with your series! It sounds like a great read...congrats on the latest release.


  2. Hi Lois
    Great interview - and many congratulations on all your successful books and awards.
    I especially liked your comment about writing what you love. I really feel that if your heart isn't in what you're writing, then that will be very apparent in your stories.
    Interesting too that you say you have read work by unpublished writers that is superior to some books in print. I have to say that I have read (or maybe half-read!) some of those books, and (without any self-conceit) know that my writing is better. But actually getting an acceptance as a new writer in this current climate is not easy! Having had four books published over 30 years ago doesn't seem to count for anything now!