Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 'whatever you want' post

Today I found (on one of yahoo groups) a link to a condescending article about Mills and Boon romance novels, followed by a detailed reply by a Mills and Boon author.
(Mills and Boon, in case you're not familiar with them, are the UK partners of Harlequin, in fact I think Harlequin now own M&B)

Here's the original article which appeared in the Irish Times:
or if that doesn't work, try

And the rebuttal of the article, by Trish Wylie, a M & B romance author is here:

Definitely food for thought! Any comments??


  1. Wow! How clueless can someone be?

    I absolutely adored the rebuttal.

  2. I have read similar articles before. I think they get paraded out periodically so the rebuttals can drive up ratings.
    Are the Irish behind the times? (no pun intended?)

  3. The sad part about it all is that a 'writer' trashed a company, genre, and other writers without a second thought. Careless poorly researched words that could have damanged the earning potential of so many.

    It was ridiculous.


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