Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seven Things About Debra

1) I met my husband at a country bar. We learned to dance together and fell in love. The first dance at our wedding was the first song we ever slow danced to at the bar.

2) I think John Deere tractors are sexy.

3) I am fascinated by the Civil War, but am too afraid of the research to write a historical novel about it. Perhaps some day since I actually have an idea for the plot.

4) My husband and I converted and renovated a 1920s two-flat into a single family home: a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the process, but we can truly say the house is ours.

5) My 'list' (a la F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) includes - in no particular order: Jon Bon Jovi, Matthew McConaughey, Alexander Skarsgard, Ashton Kutcher, and Robert Pattinson.

6) I spent my 40th birthday at Disney World. I love Mickey!

7) If it's not country music, I won't listen to it. Brad, Kenny, Carrie, Toby, and Eric (Church) are my favorites.

Debra St. John
Sultry romance. Sexy heroes. Spunky heroines.


  1. Great list, Debra! I think you've convinced us that country music is your favourite! Can't say I've ever thought of tractors as sexy though! And I saw Mickey at Christmas - but I'd never go to Disney World at Christmas again, it was soooo crowded!

  2. Great list! My husband was actually a college classmate of Alexander Skarsgard. I love country music too, but there's slim pickin's in NJ.

  3. Paula, we did Disney on Christmas Day once and it was awful! Way too crowded. (Yes, I guess I tend to overplay the country music card, don't I?!)

    Jennifer, Well, at least Jersey has Bon Jovi to offer you! And that's so cool about your husband. I'm a little jealous!

  4. Great reveals, Debra! I've learned to love country music, though it's more pop than it used to be.
    I've never been to Disney world. Love old Disney movies.