Thursday, April 5, 2012

U is for Upside Down

One of the goals of a romance writer is to turn our characters' lives upside down. Usually, life is going along just fine for the most part for the hero and heroine, until they come into each other's lives and things get complicated.

They fall in love when they hadn't planned on doing so.

The past gets in the way of the love they're discovering.

Things change and will never be the same again.

They change and grow and discover throughout the course of the story.

As a writer it's a challenge to present these ups and downs in a way that makes the reader think the hero and heroine can't ever be together, and then to, of course, provide the happy ending. These turning-the-world-upside-down moments are the ones we crave in a romance.

Upside down craziness isn't always as sought after in real life. It tends to make things difficult, and there are no magical 'happily ever after' words to wrap things up and make everything all right. I wish I had as much control of real life as I do of fiction!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. You are so right, Debra. I think the upside down craziness we put into our novels--and the HEA that comes about despite the black moments--is the lure of romances. No matter how bad someone's life is, there is HEA at the end. Keep on, push through the dark times, for things will get better, and maybe even be better than you could imagine.

  2. You're right, Debra. A romance involves the world turning upside down for one or both of the characters, but however confused or hopeless things seem to be, we, as authors, have to turn everything the right way round again for our characters!

  3. So I guess that means that sometimes upside down is actually right-side-up in the end!?

  4. You're right, they only THINK they're upside down?

  5. Yeah, the upside down moments are definitely easier to deal with in writing than in life. Although, I think the satisfaction of making it through one of those real-life moments may be similar to the satisfaction of getting to the end of your book and loving how it's ended.