Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Spark

What sparks my creativity? Everything!

Sometimes it’s a billboard I pass on the local highway that gives me an idea for a plot point.

Sometimes it’s a store I’ll walk or ride by—I’m still trying to figure out a story to go along with a tattoo parlor and a motorcycle repair shop.

Sometimes it’s an actor or character on TV or in the movies—usually, it’s a minor, walk-on character that hasn’t been fleshed out, leaving me plenty of room to invent a story of my own.

Sometimes it’s a situation that I’ve actually experienced—all you people who sit next to me in meetings, you’ve been warned!

Sometimes it’s a movie or TV show that I’ve overhead (not watched closely)—I’ve gotten enough snippets of them that let me create my own stories and go off in my own direction.

What sparks yours?


  1. The same sorts of things, Jen. A news article. A conversation, personal or overheard. Ideas pop into my head. What if...?

  2. Places I've been, other books I've read and especially memories. I love writing about my favorite memories and turning them into a story.

  3. Adelia, I love to visit Block Island. My biggest problem though is deciding whether it's the perfect place to write or the perfect setting for a story!

  4. Usually for me it's a song or a line or two from a song.

    Oooh, I can't wait for the story about the tattoo parlor and motorcyle shop! :)

  5. I'm honestly not sure what sparks my ideas - but at the moment, i could do with some sparks, as my current WIP seems not to be working!

  6. Debra, I'm laughing too!

    Paula, tatoo parlor and motorcycle shop...GO!

  7. Not sure either of those would solve my current problem - but thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Lots of times music inspires me.


  9. Kathy, that happens to me too. Problem is, I'm usually listening to music in the car, so I have to pull over and jot notes down so I remember what it was when I am at my computer.