Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Sentences from my WIP

Since I have Jake and Amber on my mind a lot lately...and that's a good thing!...I thought I'd share a short excerpt from their story, "This Feels Like Home". This is the first time the couple meets.

“You look like you’re new in town.” The slow, husky drawl penetrated the background din and distracted her from her task.

She looked up with a frown. The shadow from the brim of his cowboy hat obscured most of the man’s features, but a dimple winked in his cheek when he smiled. A black T-shirt stretched tight across his shoulders, and well worn jeans hugged his lean hips.

She bit back a groan and disconnected the call instead of punching in her code. She wasn’t in the mood to be hit on by one of Gail’s 'nice' cowboys, but she plastered a smile on her face. “Not really. I’m visiting my cousin.” She avoided his gaze and took a sip of her drink. The tart flavor slid over her taste buds.

Any thoughts?!

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Happy Reading and Merry Christmas!


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  1. I love the 10 sentences! And I love cowboys, so I can't wait to read this one. You have a great way of describing things that gives a very clear picture of the scene and the characters. Nice job!

  2. Excellent start. Definitely makes me want to read more :-)

  3. I concur. She's not interested, but can't help but notice. He's interested--and interesting!

  4. Thanks ladies! I appreciate the feedback.

    Jennifer...mmnn, mmmnnn, cowboys are my favorites!

    Paula, Glad to know you'd read on!

    Ana...That's totally it. She's not interested (yet), but...