Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too Stupid to Live?

So, you know how people always say they hate heroines (or I guess heroes for that matter) who are too stupid to live? I ran into a bona-fide real-life example last night.

The hubby and I were standing in a (very long) line waiting to return something at Best Buy. As always, I was doing my fair share of observing those around me. I'm an author, so I'm always looking for tid bits to include in my writing, and, to be honest, I'm just plain nosey too. So I'm listening to a man talking to one of the Geek Squad representatives. He was very upset that his computer was still not working. He was actually quite rude to the gal waiting on him. In fact, my husband was getting a little annoyed with his attitude. Anyway, the gal wound up calling her supervisor to help the irritated customer. The manager patiently demonstrated that the computer was working fine. The customer asked, "Well, what happens if I take it home and it doesn't work there?" The manager explained that it was probably then a problem with the man's cables at home, and he again showed the perfectly working computer. At this point, I was ready to give the manager a medal for patience. I would have lost it a long time before that.

Anyway, the customer, still looking clueless and annoyed, says, "There was a power outage during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Could that be the problem?"

See? Now at this point, I would have just hit the man. But the manager, with no hint of emotion in his voice said, "The Super Bowl was in New Orleans."

My hubby and I are still laughing.

Until next time,

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  1. I love stories like this! Some people really are TSTL! Like the woman sitting behind me on a flight home from Romania to Manchester(a 3 hour flight). After about an hour, the captain said something over the tannoy system that admittedly wasn't very clear, but the woman said, "I think he said we're flying over Southport'.
    Southport happpens to be a seaside resort about 30 miles from Manchester! Maybe the woman thought we were flying supersonic!

  2. Yikes! Computer problems can be frustrating, but in all honesty, the Super Bowl power outage explanation is not remotely reasonable.
    I wear a customer service hat at work, and people are often that unreasonable. Sigh.

  3. Paula...Supersonic Jets indeed.

    Ana...I feel for you.

    My hubby and I are going to use this for a long time...any time anything goes wrong electronically we're going to blame it on the SuperBowl power outage. Too funny.

  4. Debra, that is AWESOME! Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for making my day.