Sunday, March 24, 2013

It takes a small town

My daughter is home again and healthy, two good reasons for celebration. But I am really excited that she's forging ahead with her sketch comedy series, 'Middle America.'  (She's one of these people whose creative juices flow non-stop. I can only offer her undying support and wireless Internet.)

Her show is about two German dancers who relocate their unique dancing skills to the booming oil fields of North Dakota and find their eccentric selves completely out of place in a conservative rural community. (She's the blonde.)

Our hometown newspaper surprised her by featuring her casting call on the front page of last Wednesday's paper: Filmmaker seeking 'non-actors' for new comedy series.

In the article, she asked for "flannel shirts and puppy printed sweatshirts" in a husband and wife team, an organist, a hotel manager, a quilting group, an outdoorsman and oil field workers. She explained why she wanted to film in our small rural town, and announced an open call.

Yesterday, nervous, she hoped someone--anyone--would show up.

Thirty-one people came from four towns. Some were eager for show biz discovery. Others thought it would be fun to act or be an extra.

She's been offered a good-sized space to build a set. Local businesses are lending props. Park Rapids appears to have been bitten by the film bug!


  1. Wow, this sounds really exciting! Keep us informed of the progress!

  2. I will!
    She's had so many good ideas, and worked hard on other film projects. She's finally convinced she should retain creative control.
    (Her dad and I are her biggest fans.)

  3. I echo Paula's comments--that's great! Good luck to her!