Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Book Release

My book is out! Actually, my publisher released it on Saturday, which was a great surprise. I spent all weekend publicizing it on Facebook and Twitter. On Sunday, I participated in a virtual release day party (you can also click here) with a whole bunch of other authors. We talked about our books, and gave blurbs and excerpts throughout the day. I’m now going to be going on a bunch of blog tours—check my Facebook page for details.

I’m trying a few new marketing things this time around. I’ve hired Goddess Fish to handle a blog tour and a review tour. I paid to have my book cover and a buy link on the home page of Joyfully Reviewed. And of course, I’ve contacted a bunch of my writer friends to guest post on their blogs. I’m hoping that this will result in more people becoming aware of my book. We’ll see what happens.
The Seduction of Esther is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance and BookStrand as an e-book. Paper version will follow shortly.
Blurb: Samara Goldberg has a problem even the most beautiful singing voice can’t fix. She’s a walking disaster, especially when she’s around handsome men. To make matters worse, she’s in desperate need of someone to play the character of Mordecai for the Purim spiel she’s producing and the new congregant, Nathaniel Abramson, is a perfect fit. Nathaniel is a divorced dad who’s recovering from the biggest public scandal of his life. The last thing he needs is a relationship with the choir director at his new synagogue, who also happens to be playing the lead female role of Esther in the very play he’s been coerced into joining.
Woven around the Jewish holiday of Purim, The Seduction of Esther is a story of two people whose lives mirror the plot of the Purim story. Like Esther, who had to hide her Jewish identity from the King of Persia, Samara and Nathaniel are hiding key pieces of themselves. Evil Haman wanted to destroy the Jews, and the nasty Josh will do anything to keep Samara and Nathaniel apart. Will their love survive, like the Jewish people in Shushan, Persia, or will their fear keep them apart?
I hope you’ll check it out and if you’d like, leave a review on the site where you purchased it.
In the meantime, if you’re a writer, do you try new marketing techniques or do you stick with the tried and true ones? And if you’re a reader, how often do you leave reviews?


  1. I will be very interested in your thoughts about the hired blog tour, Jen.
    Congratulations on the release and managing the adreneline rush it taks to do the blogging.
    Promotion is the mystery of life, IMO.
    I am often not able to read a book until months after I purchase it. Going back to post reviews is something about which I need to be more conscientious.

  2. The tour doesn't start until later in the month--right now, the blogs I'm visiting are the ones I set up on my own. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I am woefully behind on my TBR list (hides head from Paula and Debra).

    As a reader, I tend to email the author, rather than post reviews. I think it's more personal and they can always use what I say as a review. But, maybe I should post reviews?

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  4. I like that you email the author. I post the review and send the author an email so that they can see that I posted a review. It is important to have reviews but I'm not one that uses them when I buy a book.

    I wish you much success with your book.


  5. Hi Melissa, I tend to read reviews when I want more info than the blurb tells me. But knowing they're so subjective, I don't give them a lot of weight.

  6. Good luck with your blog tour. I don't think anyone really knows what actually works, so it's worth trying anything you can!

    I'm also way behind on my reading (with about 70 books on my Kindle!) - am hoping to catch up a little when I go away next week. I also like personal messages from readers, but sometimes ask them to put a couple of line on amazon if they have time!

  7. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love the cover?!

    I am also interested in your thoughts on hiring a professional to do your blog tour this time around. You'll need to keep us posted as to your results/sales.

  8. I'm not entirely sure how to measure results, other than with sales, obviously, but I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm done.