Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Writing Interrupted

Jennifer's trying to write with the kids home--yikes!

We have a snow day today. Yesterday was an ice storm in the morning and the kids had a delayed opening. I love mornings like that when we can leisurely get out of bed and not have to rush. Although the ice took a really long time to melt, and my car slid down the driveway horizontally, by the time the kids came home from school in the afternoon, the ice was gone (for the most part).

Today, they’re expecting a lot of snow throughout the day, so they cancelled school. Once again, we’re all home today and that means our plans change. Especially my writing plans.

I’ve written when the girls are home before, so I know it’s doable. It’s just not necessarily doable at the time that I want to do it, and it’s definitely not doable without interruption.

There are homework projects they need to work on, and of course, those involve questions and “Mom, come look” and stalling.

There is cleaning that I want them to do, and that involves arguing and finding supplies and inspecting.

There is baking that they want to do, which involves finding cookbooks and checking ingredients and tasting (and making sure my kitchen doesn’t burn down) and cleaning.

So I’ll get writing done today, eventually. It might not be as much as I want, or as uninterrupted as I’d like. But it will, at some point, get done.


  1. Congratulations on your determination to write, despite all the distractions around you!

  2. The dastardly demons of winter strike again!

  3. Snow in winter, I mean, of all the nerve! :)

  4. I'm so happy it is still fairly mild here - and no sign of snow (yet!) There, I've tempted fate now!

  5. Oh, careful, Paula, they're all going to blame you!

  6. I'd love a snow day about now...we've had some snow here, but not enough to call off school.

    For me, though, it would mean more writing time since I'd be home!