Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A New Opportunity

Jennifer has a new opportunity...

I got the most amazing phone call on Sunday. No, Stephen Spielberg is not making my books into a movie, although that would be amazing! An acquaintance from my local RWA chapter asked me to join their critique group.

What’s amazing about it is the caliber of writers in the group. One is nominated for a Rita award, which is the equivalent of an Edgar in mystery writing, an Oscar in movies, etc. Another is a very successful published writer—not quite Nora Roberts, but pretty far up there. They were looking for someone to join them, they read my work, and they want to give me a try and see how well I fit in with their group.

I felt like Sally Fields—they like me, they really like me!

It was one of those moments professionally where I had to say yes and I have to try to make it work. The growth potential for me is huge!

What makes their critique group interesting, and what attracts me to it, in addition to the authors, of course, is that they have regularly scheduled, in-person meetings; they email 15-20 pages to the group a week prior to the meetings; and they rotate people’s houses, with the host being the first that month to be critiqued. It’s a very formal process and treats writing like a profession, rather than a hobby. It will give me discipline, because barring some weird circumstance, I have to have 15-20 pages ready each month for them. And I really have to develop a thick skin and self-confidence, even though they’ve assured me that they are constructive and nice in their comments.

If this opportunity works out, I’m looking forward to growing as a writer and as a critic.


  1. That's great news! Hope you will enjoy being part of the group. How many are in the group?

  2. It's a total of 4. And it's very different from the way we work, which is why I think it will provide a different type of benefit.

  3. Look forward to hearing more about it, especially how you work.

  4. How exciting, Jen! I would jump at that opportunity, too.

  5. Jennifer,

    That really is a wonderful opportunity...and how fun that they approached you! Good luck with that.

    My RWA chapter is known for its critiques, and even when I'm not the one being critiqued, I learn so much.

    You'll definitely have to keep us posted as to how things go. (And let us know if Steven Spielberg calls as well!)

  6. Debra, if Steven Spielberg calls me, I won't have to let you know. You'll hear me screaming.