Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Book Is Rereleasing

For the first time, I’m involved in a rerelease of one of my books. It’s kind of cool, because it means I’ve been writing long enough for this to happen. J That’s also a really positive spin on the actual reason I’m rereleasing it, but I won’t go negative here.

Suffice to say that my current publisher loves the book and wants to rerelease it under their imprint. So I said yes. And they gave me a gorgeous cover, although it took me a few days to adjust to it.

First of all, I’m really not good with change. So anytime something changes, it’s a big deal to me.

Second of all, this was my first book ever. Although I’m not a fan of the “my book is my baby” argument that authors sometimes use, this is my very favorite book that I wrote and am most proud of. I’ve associated it with my original cover for so long at this point, that they are connected.

When my editor sent me her cover suggestion, saying, “Here’s your book,” my first thought was, “that’s not my book.” Because it looked different. I needed time to connect to it.

But now that I have, I love it.

For the moment, I’m going through the manuscript and doing a last round of edits. Honestly, I’m not rewriting the book, unless there is something that jumps out at me. So, I’ve fixed POV problems, I’ve fixed blatant errors that I wish had been caught before it was published the first time, and I’ve tightened things up a bit. But I’m not deleting scenes that, if I were writing the book now, I might not include or I might do differently.

It will be rereleased in November and I can’t wait!


  1. I really like this cover! For the same reasons as you, I shall soon have my first book re-released but I've done a lot of rewriting - not changing the actual story (apart from one very minor change) but really tightening up my writing (as well as getting rid of a lot of repeat words and phrases!) - I've learnt a lot since I first wrote it!

  2. I agree with Paula...I love this cover! (Maybe even more than the original.)

    And it sounds like a dream come true to get the opportunity to go back and rewrite a previous book. I'd love to be able to tweak my first release a bit...not because I don't like the story, but because, like Paula said, I've learned so much since then. (And there is one glaring error I'd love to be able to fix!)

    Congrats on your re-release, Jen...and you as well, Paula!

  3. I love this cover, too. A re-release is almost like a freebie!