Monday, September 29, 2014

I love all things old, but...

Ana writes about reluctant progress.

I love all things old: my grandmother's long-gone house in East Orange, NJ, (three stories, high ceilings, grand staircase).  My parent's dining room furniture (also gone. Didn't have place to put it or money to move cross-country.) Historical romances. My old computers.

I have two of them. XP laptop (failing) and ancient mac desktop (unstoppable). Uploading anything, yahoo grouping, self-publishing, and designing websites is impossible using an operating system that the I-world views like spats and buggy whips.

Did I mention that I hate throwing anything away that still has an ounce of life? My mom's Scottish ancestry dominated her nature. Nothing was tossed until it was in shreds. Leftovers were consumed to the last morsel. I have a 2004 car and a 1993 work truck. I keep them serviced and am shooting for 200,000 miles on each one.

I hate that computer upgrades are often more sales driven than improvement. I worry about privacy--the more we do online, the more our data is mined for marketing and security scrutiny.

But here I go, buying a Mac airbook that will be obsolete before it arrives. At least I get free shipping.


  1. Must admit I hate getting used to a new computer/operating system, and agree that the new versions, which are introduced all too frequently are primarily a money-making ploy! Good luck with your new Mac, Ana.

  2. I agree with Paula...getting used to new operating systems is the worst. Seriously, I've had my 'new' computer for a few years now and just figured out this past summer how to get two windows to be open at the same time. Ugh.

    And I still have my old computer sitting under my roll top desk waiting for my hubby to take a hammer to the hard drive...just in case. I totally agree on the privacy thing...everyone is so 'out there' these days.

    Ana, I so would have loved to visit your grandmother's house. Three stories and a grand staircase...*wistful sigh*