Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snippet Sunday-An Excerpt from Miriam's Surrender by Jennifer Wilck

Below is from the end of the scene after the hero, Josh, and the heroine, Miriam, have gone on their first date. Their history is rocky and they work together, and this is the first time they've socialized together without either one making the other angry.

“Thanks for dinner, Josh. I had a lovely time.”
“Even without the duck and the bananas?”

“Stop!” She smacked his arm and he pretended to be injured.

“I had a great time too. I’m glad you agreed to have dinner with me. Maybe we’ll do it again?”

“I’d like that.” She looked at him and smiled.
 He tipped his head and Miriam could feel his breath warm her face. Mere inches apart, she could see silver and black flecks in his irises, stubble on his cheeks, the arch of his eyebrow. Shivers zinged up her spine. Like a magnetic pull, she wanted to lean into him, to feel his body against hers, to press her lips against his. But they worked together, and a kiss would change everything. As if he read her mind, he pulled back, said goodbye and got into the cab and drove away. Miriam covered her lips with her fingers.
What in the world was she supposed to do now? He’d come close to kissing her. She could still feel the electric charge between them; still catch a slight scent of his musky aftershave in the air. His hand had held her arm with enough pressure to keep her against him. Although she’d watched him leave, she could still feel the imprint of his touch. She stroked her hand up and down her arm.
Did she give away how much she wanted to kiss him too? It was so quick, so unexpected, she couldn’t be sure. Her mind shot off in all directions as she entered her building and took the elevator to her fifth floor apartment.
They worked together! How in the world was she supposed to look at him when they next met? Should she acknowledge the kiss that almost happened? Should she pretend it never did? He didn’t plan on discussing it at their next meeting, did he?
She sank onto her sofa, kicked off her shoes and for once, didn’t care where they landed. She was too busy thinking about his almost kiss. And the little zing. She arched her back and tried to recreate the feeling.
Was she attracted to him? She thought about their dinner. She’d enjoyed his company. He’d intrigued her with his reactions to the mistakes at the restaurant. And she was interested to know more about his list of pleasing things.
Was he attractive? Yes. His eyes reflected his mood and changed from light to dark grey in an instant. He wore his clothes well and they emphasized a well-toned body. On anyone else, she’d be eager to remove them to study him more closely.
But this was Josh. Josh, who’d hurt her sister. She’d gotten over her anger at him sometime between their last meeting and tonight’s dessert. But would it be a betrayal of Samara to fall for him? She looked out for Samara; how could she be attracted to a guy who’d hurt her, even if the hurt had healed?


  1. I like the tension of the 'almost kiss' in this scene!

  2. I second Ana's comment. The emotions really come through in this scene. Nice job with description, too, without overdoing it and overshadowing the scene.