Monday, February 23, 2015

H is for History

Ana muses on history.

Not mine, though. That I'll save for the psychiatrist's couch.
I'm thinking history in stories.

It's obvious that historical novels are tied to a historical period, and the characters have to act within that period's historical realities. Places, dates, transportation, food, clothing, social mores.

Timetravel stories must also abide by what we know of history if the character goes back in time. A travel into the future story is more unencumbered, but veers quickly into paranormal genre.

But in a sense, every character lives in a history. The history of their town or city. Setting involves history. Does he live in a modern section of town, but was born in a crumbling slum. Does her father owe gambling debts that she is forced to pay off to protect her younger brother? Her father's history comes into play.

I guess I am using the word 'history' in a liberal sense. But it's more than backstory. It's the vibrant setting we strive to create, and the dynamic interpersonal worlds our characters inhabit.

Every day, yesterday is history.


  1. A thought provoking post. I dont usually think about yesterday as history but I guess it is. Thanks for enlightening me, Ana.

  2. I think history, as you're describing it, has a lot to do with motivation. Why does our character act the way she does? What outside forces affect her?

    I've had a story in mind that's based on family history and I'd love to write it, but the research into the time period, as well as the family history, is daunting. Someday!

  3. This is interesting, Ana, because all our characters have their own history as well as a backstory. I tend to think of their backstory as being that part of their history which is especially relevant to the story in the novel. The rest of their 'history' may not be as important to the story, but can still contribute in some way to their personalities.

  4. Interesting post and interesting comments. I agree that our characters have a mix of history and backstory.

    And I'm totally in the camp of getting the research right for a historical and/or time travel can be daunting. I have an idea for one of each sitting on the back burner because getting the history correct kind of freaks me out.

    Heck, even two minutes ago is history.