Thursday, September 22, 2016

L is for Love

Debra ponders the many different meanings of love.

Not to sound too lame and wedding toastish, but one of the ways (the entry takes up almost half a column in my Webster's) the dictionary defines love is: A feeling of warm personal attachment.

Love is such an interesting concept. We use the word in so many different ways.

We can love pizza.

We can love hockey.

We love our families and friends.

We love our spouses (or sweethearts or significant others).

The same word can mean so many different things and have so many different levels of emotion. The way I feel about pizza and hockey certainly isn't the same way I feel about my family. And the way I feel about my family is a different kind of love than I have for my hubby.

As romance writers we fill our days and pages with love. The love our characters have for inanimate things tells us about them. Their likes, their hobbies, their hopes, their desires. The love (or lack thereof) of their families shapes and defines them. Past relationships can do the same, giving us oodles of background and internal motivation and conflict.

Of course the crux of our stories is the love the heroine and hero will eventually find with each other. Going back to good ol' Webster: a strong or passionate affection for a person of the opposite sex. Love scenes (hopefully) are filled with this passion and emotion.

Yep. Love is an interesting concept. And I love that I get to spend time creating stories about how two hearts and souls come together in love!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!