Monday, November 9, 2009

How has your journey gone?

As every writer will tell you, the journey is an emotional roller coaster.

In the beginning of my writing career, I had a judge from a contest tell me to find a new hobby. I entered the contest for feedback because I KNEW I needed help. Had I been a different person I would have tossed the computer through the sliding glass doors and said "forget it," but I didn't.

I'll never forget the first time I really understood deep POV. I was reading Pamela Britton's first NASCAR book. The way she wrote was like nothing I'd ever read before. POV jumped off the pages and slapped me upside the head! I GOT IT!! What a great moment as a writer.

Little moments of learning like the above keeps me going. The little tickle I get in my belly while I'm writing makes me enjoy what I'm doing, in spite of all the rejections.

So far, the journey has been a long and crazy one, and I wouldn't change a thing. There were things I needed to learn before I sold, people I needed to meet to help me get there, and confidence I needed to build to handle my reviews once the book is released.

I still have a long journey ahead of me, but with the CP I have now, and the friends I've made along the way, I feel that I am on the right path to a journey of bigger and better things!

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