Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Writing and blog members

I started writing on a self-dare; inner satisfaction was my engine. I submitted and the response was that I did not know how to craft a story. That is when I got serious—and scared. I was alone.

I live in a rural area of northern Minnesota and run two cottage businesses to support my family. Each word on a soup or seasoning label has to be perfect. Members and friends of my veggie CSA want entertaining and descriptive newsletters. Both of these are great practice, but neither requires a story arc. I have reached out to local writers, but nothing has gelled. My RWC exchanges have been disappointing. Minneapolis romance groups are four hours away, so I take on-line classes, and study books on plotting, editing, submitting, and publishing.

Today’s RWA notes featured an article on a writer’s need for partnering. I want to be multi-published. I need partners who can critique, help and support, and am willing to reciprocate. I want our group to serve our individual needs. Do you feel similarly?


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