Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As the week turns....

ToniLynn, I relate completely to your dishwashing inspirations. I get mine in the shower. (Hot running water is a blessing.) I am squeeky clean, but may turn pruney, for I am stuck (temporarily!) on my rewrite of Chapter 1.

I did write a super CSA newsletter describing my daily Minnesota-winter barn chores. Members and friends of the CSA have been emailing back how vividly I painted the picture, how they could hear the crunch of cow hooves on snow and see the newly weaned calves pining for their mothers. I proposed to them, as a winter activity, a book club-style go through of 'The Genius of Money,' by John Bloom. This book looks at the how money evolved, how it is working now, and how we need to think about its use in the future. I am tired of being consumed by money, yet I define my Self--and my success-- by it.



  1. The shower works for me too, Ana. But I tend to want to rush so I can get out and write it down before I forget! lol

  2. Driving does it for me - long trips on the motorway and my head is all over the place! It's called multi-functioning - concentrate on the road and traffic with one part of your mind, and work out that next plot twist with another!

  3. I could never define my success (or otherwise) by money. But, as I have American cousins who are consumed by money, I understand where you are coming from.
    Success to me is finding acceptance of something that I write from someone else. If that's a publisher, even better. But I gained as much pleasure from good reviews of my 'West Wing' fanfiction stories.
    I don't write for the money, I have enough (retirement) income to keep me happy. Extra would be a bonus but more tax to pay!
    When I was getting regular cheques from Mills and Boon/Harlequin in the 1960;s and 70's, it came in very useful thought!