Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elevator Excerpt

I've really enjoyed the fantasy elevator scenes this week! Thanks, ladies, you are a very talented and creative bunch.

Due to lack of time and real life demands(Don't you hate it when real life intrudes into fantasy time?!), I'm "cheating" a bit and posting an excerpt from one of my books that happens to take place in an elevator.

In the elevator heading toward Claire’s apartment, Abby took a deep breath. How in the world were they going to break the news?
She glanced over at Noah, who like her had fallen silent when the doors closed. He looked calm and unaffected, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. She wished she could say the same. Butterflies danced in her stomach. She kept hoping she’d wake up from the bizarre dream she was having.
But Noah’s presence beside her was all too real. They stood close in the small elevator. The smell of his aftershave surrounded her, tickling her nose with its crisp scent. When he shifted his feet, his arm brushed hers. She tried not to look at him.
So she glued her eyes to the ascending numbers above the door.
She couldn’t be considering marrying this man. This stranger.
Someday she wanted to meet someone and settle down. Then she’d have everything she’d always wished for. Right down to the white picket fence and the family dog.
But not like this. Never like this, and especially not with someone like Noah. She wanted someone who would settle down with her. Not be off to all corners of the world on a whim. One lifetime of that had been quite enough.
But then again, they weren’t settling down. Like Noah had said, it wasn’t like this was ’til death us do part. They’d be married for a week. Then they’d each go on with their own lives—she back to her cozy house in the suburbs, and Noah back to his adventures.
Noah jarred her from her thoughts with a nudge from his shoulder. “Hey.”
He grinned. “Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.”
She made a face at him. “You keep saying that.”
“Because it’s the truth.”
She must have still looked skeptical because he added, “Really.”
“I guess the only thing we can do is get this over with and then move on with our lives.” Abby voiced the thoughts that spun around in her head.
Noah nodded in agreement as a soft ding signaled they’d reached their destination. The doors slid open.
She hesitated. She couldn’t do this. How would Claire react?
“Come on.” Noah grabbed her hand and tugged her out of the elevator. She ignored the unwelcome spark his touch generated.
All too soon they reached Claire’s apartment.
Abby bit her lip.
Noah squeezed the hand he held. “You okay?”
She nodded even though her heart raced.
Before they could knock, the door opened and Claire poked her head out. “Took you long enough,” she began, then stopped when she saw Noah. “What are you doing here?” Her gaze dropped to their joined hands. She frowned.
Abby let go of Noah’s hand. She shook off the sudden feeling of loss and faced her friend. “We have to talk to you about something.”

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  1. Is this book published, Debra? I love the way you write and this has now become a tease. I want more!!!

  2. This book is published. It's my latest from Wild Rose. It's called WILD WEDDING WEEKEND.

    Thank you for the kind comments!

  3. This is a great excerpt, Debra. The book is a great read, too!

  4. This really makes me want to read more, especially what happens during and after the week they are married!

  5. Hi Ana...thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Paula...oh, they do have some adventures, that's for sure!