Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elevator Romance

She sprinted from the entrance towards the elevator as the doors started to close.
“Hold it,” she called. “Please.”
The doors slid together even before she had the chance to risk crushing her fingers in them.
“Damn!” she muttered. She was already late for her audition and now she was going to be even later.
She watched as the numbers above the door went up at an agonisingly slow rate. God, how many people were getting out at the fifth floor? It had stopped there for ages. But maybe it would start to come down again.
No, it was still going up. Ten, fifteen, twenty…
She tapped her foot. “Come on, come ON!”
Then at last it was coming down again. Another long stop at the tenth floor.
“Come on,” she muttered again.
It could only have been minutes but seemed like hours before the longed-for ‘ping’ rang out as the elevator reached the ground floor.
Another wait while the crowded elevator disgorged its passengers, but finally she was in.
She was about to press the number fifteen button when a voice called out, “Hold the door please!”
Although tempted to hit the button anyway, she stopped. Maybe if she did her good deed for the day, it would bring her good luck in her audition. She pressed the ‘doors open’ button.
“Thanks,” the man said as he reached the doors.
She stared at him and her heart started to race. Surely it wasn’t …? It couldn’t be - could it?
It was. She’d know him anywhere. How many times had she drooled over his gorgeous dark eyes, that dark wavy hair, those broad shoulders, those long legs?
He leaned across to press the button. Fifteen. The same floor as she wanted. This had to be a dream come true.
“I love your films,” she said. Oh lord, she sounded like some star-struck teenager. “I mean, I’m not just a fan, I’m an actress myself -” At least she would be if she ever managed to land a job.
“I know,” he said and smiled. That wonderful smile which made her knees weak.
“You know?”
“Yes, I’ve admired so much of your work. I never thought I’d ever have the chance to do this -”
She froze as he took a step towards her, put his arms around her and brought his mouth to hers. His lips took possession of her in a seductive demand for surrender. As his tongue gently fondled hers, sensations that she had never known before scorched through her, ignited every nerve and melted every bone. She gripped his shoulders, her head went back and involuntarily she arched towards him, thrilling exquisitely to the feel of his hard body against hers. The surrender he demanded was complete as she responded with the same fervour, wanting more, still more.
He drew back from her when the elevator stopped and the bell pinged.
Damn it, if only they were going up to the fiftieth floor instead of the fifteenth, who knows what could have happened?
“Thank you,” he said and smiled at her again as the doors slid open.
Completely disorientated, she followed him out of the elevator.
“Ah, you must be Jeremy,” said the woman who sat at the desk near the elevator, “and you must be Susan. Welcome.”
She stared at him. “Jeremy? You mean you’re not Colin -?”
He stared back at her. “Susan? But I thought you were Angelina - ”
They both looked at the big sign on the desk - Auditions for Look-Alikes, today at 11am.
He smiled – Colin’s smile, except it wasn’t.
She smiled back – Angelina’s smile, except it wasn’t.
“Good luck, Susan,” he said.
“Good luck, Jeremy,” she replied.


  1. Fantastic, Paula!

    I'm still giggling!!

  2. Thanks, Debra. I think it's the fastest I've ever written nearly 3,000 words - but I enjoyed fantasising about my second favourite man (you all know who my first is LOL)

  3. Remind me to never get into a 5-minutes-or-less writing contest with you, Paula. For someone who had no idea what to post earlier today, you hit a home run!

  4. Not sure what's happened, but my earlier thanks and comment to Debra seems to have disappeared! It's saying there are 3 comments, but mine isn't there! Huh?? It was there earlier! Did someone delete it??

    Anyway, what I said in the earlier comment was that I don't think I've ever written nearly 3,000 words as quickly, but I enjoyed fantasising about my second favourite man!

    Thanks, Debra and Ana!

  5. Great ending!!! What happen to Martin? I was SOOOO looking forward to THAT

  6. Still trying to post a comment, the two I've left so far have both disappeared!

  7. Trying again to leave a comment that doesn't disappear!

  8. Hi Paula, That is so good and very funny, did not know what to expect at all.

  9. Hah! Much better than the song stuck in my head!