Sunday, November 14, 2010

Does your heroine have a BFF?

In my WIP, my heroine Angel has a best friend, her assistant Ramona. Ramona is blunt and sassy, smart and supportive. She is outgoing and looking for Mr. Right. She corners Angel into agreeing to a first date with the hero, and renegs on her promise to extricate Angel on a pre-arranged signal--exactly what friends are for. She serves as confident and comic relief. I adore her!

In a pending romance, my heroine has no best friend. She is emotionally wounded, a loner, and has to reach out to barmaids and debutantes to get the assistance she needs to reclaim the hero after rejecting his love.

So, I think it depends on the heroine's journey.


  1. That's right, Ana, you don't necessarily have to have a best friend, but Ramona sounds like the kind of gal I would like as my friend.

  2. Ramona also provides, as you say, a comic contrast to your heroine. Maybe your next book ought to be Ramona's story, Ana!

  3. I think a "side-kick" all depends on how you're telling the story. Sometimes they are great to have around, and sometimes you don't need them.