Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Friend Mary Eason

Please give a warm welcome to guest blogger Mary Eason! Mary, welcome to Heroines with Hearts...

Great love stories. Are they about the romance or the sex?

When I first started reading romance novels, (I’m about to truly date myself), there was very little sexual activity in the story itself. For the most part, it was all “hinted” at. Then came the “bodice rippers” where the writer took a bit more leeway with the description.

Today, there’s something for everyone. Do you love a good “romance”, with a story that tears at your heart and make you fall in love right along with the hero and heroine?

Or do you prefer a sexy romance, filled with lots of “steam”. A romance that doesn’t have to necessary be happily ever after, but just happy for the moment. Sometimes, getting there is the best part of a story.

Today, with the wide variety of romance genres that we have, there’s truly something for everyone.

Now, as a writer, I have to say, I’m drawn to creating stories filled with raw emotion. Whether it be romantic suspense of just contemporary romances, I love to fill my stories with the seemingly insurmountable drama in my characters lives that creates great emotion for the reader and well as for me the writer.

IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER is now available through New Concepts Publishing.

IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER is a contemporary romance that brings together two people who have lost at love and are afraid to trust again.
Blurb: Everything Kate Bradshaw believed to be real about her marriage to her husband Alex slowly slipped away from her as the newspaper reports explained the sordid truth in black and white. Their marriage and Alex's seduction had been nothing more than a lie, a means of accomplishing one thing--Alex's revenge against the man he believed responsible for killing his one true love—Kate’s own father.

SHADOW GAMES is now available through Champagne Books.

SHADOW GAMES is a romantic suspense drama that is filled with cutting-edge suspense, lies and espionage. The spy world truly is a game of shadows. SHADOW GAMES brings one woman back to the past she thought she left behind in order to save the one man she couldn’t forget.
Blurb: He was the love of her life. The father of her child. Now he was missing. Presumed dead behind enemy lines.

CIA agent Booth Tanner was the best of the best and now he’s as good as dead. The only person who can save him now is the woman who’d written him out of her life three years earlier as a lost cause. Then Rachel Weiss receives a text message that is brief, chilling, and enough to send her back into the shadowy world she thought she’d left behind for good.
So, what do you think? Are great love stories about the romance or the sex? I contend that great love stories can be filled with romance and sex but they always, always leave the reader wanting to know what happens next in the hero and heroine’s lives. And if you’re like me, you’ll end up reading those books over and over again.

Hoping your 2010 has been filled with great love stories…
All the best…

Mary Eason


  1. Welcome, Mary, so nice to see you here. I must say your novels sound intriguing and I am sure will sell very well. You are so right, I remember when a kiss - and a chaste kiss at that - was all you got. Rosemary Rodgers I think sent that to bed.(No pun intended!). Now even in contemporary romance anything goes. My romances have been spicy but my last two books have moved away from that. But there is nothing to say I won't return to spice in the future.

    Lots of luck, Mary with your career. Although I am sure you don't need any luck as you are very popular.

  2. HI Mary,

    Welcome to Heroines with Hearts. Thanks so much for joining us today.

    I write spicy romance, and that's what I prefer to read!

  3. Your blurbs enticed me, Mary. I enjoy reading (and writing) steamy scenes as long as there is an emotional build-up to sex, and even more intense feelings afterwards.

  4. In The Arms of A Stranger sounds amazing. Definitely going on my wish list. Like you, I think the level of emotion is more important than the level of sex, and this sounds like a real emotional rollercoaster.

  5. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. I'm glad you like In The Arms Of A Stranger. It was a blast to write.


  6. Had I been introduced to hot, sexy, romance novels when I was younger, I would have enjoyed reading more. My mother used to try and get me to read historicals. Even today I can't get past the first page of one.

    Good luck with your novels!

  7. Thanks for being with us today, Mary. Love the blurbs of your two books.
    Must admit I prefer the romance and emotional suspense leading to sex within a loving relationship, rather than sex (however hot) simply for the sake of it.