Sunday, November 7, 2010

Most Romantic Romances

Most days, my list of most romantic romances includes the sultan and his concubine who are entombed in the Taj Mahal, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and my WIP's heroine and hero.
Today, though, my husband and I top my list. It's our anniversary. It's Sunday, so I cooked, vacuumed and did laundry. He moved the beef cows and feeding hay right now. Soon we'll take a shower together, make love and fall asleep in each others' arms.
Just like my H/H.


  1. Happy Anniversary, you paint a picture of bliss.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Ana! You're enjoying some 'research' for your WIP, I take it :-) Hope you had fun!

  3. Ana,

    Happy Anniversary. Sounds perfect. I wish you many more romantic years together.