Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Here we go again..."

I think if I were to create a story around the phrase 'Here we go again...' it would have to be a reunion story. I'm not sure if I'd include the actual phrase, but the phrase would give me a starting point.

If I were going to include the actual phrase, I might use it as an opening hook for a story...maybe the heroine talking to her girlfriend about the horrible date she had the night before - again! - not knowing that Mr. Right (our dashing hero) is right around the corner...maybe literally! Or perhaps the gal pal is talking about the fabulous guy she met the night before, and the heroine is pondering why she can't find THE ONE. Again, little does she know he's about to come into her life in spectacular fashion.

Or maybe it starts us off with a single mom who's teen-age son keeps getting into trouble. The super sexy and sensitive guidance counselor at school will not only be her son's salvation, but our hero as well.

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head!

Happy New Year to y'all!

Until next time ('see' you next year!),

Happy Reading!



  1. A woman could see her ex-boyfriend / wayward sister staggering up the driveway, and knows trouble is coming with him/her.

    Another murder with similar MO, and heroine cop is under even more pressure to catch the killer. The victim is her daughter's roommate.

  2. Hi,

    Great ideas one & all on "Here We Go Again"!

    Can't rightly say why, but what came to mind on reading the header was what a great title it would make for a chick-lit novel: I don't do such, but can see how it would lend huge scope for a cringe-worthy giggle factor novel. Something airing awfulness of second impending marriage to the wrong bloke and how to wangle a way out of it, and in doing so realising Mr Right dwelt within Mr Wrong after all! Mad, or what?


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