Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

One Christmas tradition in our family is feeding of Santa's reindeer. They work so hard on Christmas eve, and don't like cookies and milk. We set out piles of hay in reindeer-sleigh order so the reindeer can munch while Santa does his work inside. Rudolph knows the hay will be there, so he guides the sleigh to the ground, rather than onto the roof.


  1. Lovely idea - but does someone then have to go out to 'remove' the hay? No, don't say it, they don't have to because the reindeer eat it all up! :-)

  2. How sweet,I love this image.
    Yesterday my daughter in law and I were driving to the store, one of Santa's little helpers came out of the woods...yes a beautiful deer. So honored to see this, especially at this time of year.
    Merry Christmas to you all and a very happy and successful New Year too.

  3. Paula, we make a midnight trip outside to fork up the hay and feed to the cows. It is a magical night, and the cows appreciate their present of an extra ration. And there is a good chance we'll actually get to wave at Santa while we wish blessings of Spirit all over the world.

  4. Hi,

    Lovely idea - keeps the magic alive!

    Merry Christmas to all.


  5. Great tradition! I love the idea of feeding the reindeer. I know some people put out carrots along with the milk and cookies for Santa, but I've never heard of doing hay...clever!