Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to Francine Howarth!

Please join with me in giving a very warm welcome to Francine who joins us a fifth member of 'Heroines with Hearts'. Francine lives in Pembrokeshire, a beautiful area of Wales. She has had erotic romance novels and e-books published in the past and is now trying to get back into the publishing world again.

Here's her introductory blog:

To say I'm thrilled to be posting on here at “Heroines’ with Hearts” is an understatement: it's fab. As a once published writer who dropped off the radar due to a serious riding accident, I appreciate how easy it is to create a web profile and start "waffling books and the writing of" like a rookie whilst trying to break back into the world of publishing. But, like all bloggers I know how much harder it is to generate a following of likeminded souls. To be honest I cannot remember how I discovered Heroines’ with Hearts, but I fell upon this happy band of writers and have followed them ever since. Their posts not only amuse and enlighten on individual writing projects, they come across as fun people displaying mutual love for writing romance novels and always, upbeat air prevails: the latter attracted my attention. I love to know what inspired a particular novel, how the characters came into being, and a little background info on the author and why they write romance. Who doesn't want to know these things?

As a romantic writer I find inspiration in paintings, and bizarre as it may seem it’s as though the very images (people) come to life in overnight dreamlike movie: their intimate stories unfolding in dramatic detail. I then feel compelled to present their story in words, all the while their passion and obsession luring me toward the ultimate romantic liaison. Sometimes insane jealousy enters play, maybe even revenge when dark emotional pits of despair lie in wait for the unwary and trap them in its evil grip. I’m a rebel at heart and love rogue characters, and some of my rogues have redeeming qualities but don’t always get the girl they desire. But then, I do love torturing male characters and putting them through hell! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be reading one of my latest offerings. In the meantime, you can read sample chapters from my latest historical here:


  1. Francine,

    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

    We are so excited to have you join us here at Heroines with Hearts...

    Happy New Year, Ladies!

  2. I'm passing around virtual flutes of Dom Perignon, and will sip mine while I peruse your chapters, Francine.

  3. Francine- this is a great introductory for you!

  4. Hi Debra,

    Thanks ever so for the warm welcome!

    Hi Ana,

    Don't worry, tonight is the night for quaffing the old bubbly, and ta, cos I'm right there with you on the virtual for now -saving the real stuff for later!

    Hi Summer,

    Great to see you over here checking me out on my introductory offering! ;)


  5. Welcome to the group. Francine.

    Hope you enjoy being here.