Monday, May 9, 2011

Defining what makes for a Handsome Hero!

Paula knows this already: I mentioned the week’s topic to my husband.
He laughed: “A Heavy Wallet”. 

I’m kind of following in Ana’s footsteps on this, simply because I’d written similar pointers re handsome before actually reading her excellent post.

So, a well-dressed, well-groomed hero with gorgeous eyes, kissable mouth etc., may well attract the eye in the first instance, and will be classed Handsome in Appearance. But, and a big but coming, he might well be the most inconsiderate and obnoxious character ever written. The latter negates the former once his true self revealed.

Going for handsome is as handsome does:

A hero in casual dress, perhaps even tad rough around the edges etc., of moderate looks in terms of facial appearance, may not get a second look. But, if he’s of considerate, kind and helpful nature, then this hero fits the category of Handsome of Manner. 

And, both of the above again raises the issue of Alpha Vs Beta hero. Not that I’m saying either cannot be the other in terms of dress and handsome in appearance.

Now ponder the saying of men-to-men (when a guy announces he’s thinking of popping the 4word question): look at a girl’s mother before asking for her hand in marriage, which in man terms is thought to be quite amusing. But, doesn’t the same principal in reverse apply to girls? Never accept the hand of marriage from a bloke until you’ve seen what his father turned into!

Take Marlon Brando: brooding looks and sexual allure, then look what happened.
Now think what gorgeous blue-eyed Brad Pitt might become in later years!

Take Cary Grant (deceased) and George Clooney: both handsome in appearance, and suave with it. I’m betting GC will keep his looks to the end, as did CG. But were/are they, behind the mask of handsome in appearance, heroes or cads at heart? Trick question this one . . . for a cad can be generous of heart in some things and absolute rogue in others. ;) 


  1. A case of "It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart"?

  2. And we have to write it from the POV of the heroine. It's her eyes and her heart that are at the core of our novels. We want her to be happy ever after.

  3. Sounds like we're all going to posting similar opinions this week! ;) Very funny about Marlon Brando!

  4. Paula: never judge a book by its cover, apt indeed!

    Ana: well yes, but I also like to get inside the hero's head. I love those moments when a reader is savvy to something one of the characters is patently not, and vice versa.

    Jennifer: yep, even without the padding the godfather look kind of ruined the remembered image of MB as Mr.Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty. ;)