Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Voice is Me

My voice is me. I don’t think about it, I just write what ‘feels’ and sounds right to me. I can’t really define it. Maybe it’s simply the syntax and vocabulary I use instinctively, and my own inner sense of ‘flow’. One of my CPs called it ‘the way you string words together’.

I know immediately when I’ve written something that doesn’t feel right. Sometimes I’ll stop and re-write it there and then; other times (e.g. when I want to write a scene quickly) I’ll leave it and go back later to write it differently. I don’t need to highlight it to find it again because I know I’ll recognise it immediately as not being right.

Okay, so maybe my ‘voice’ has changed over the years – but then so have I! When I started to look at writing ‘techniques’, I balked slightly, wondering if my ‘voice’ was going to change by adopting some of these techniques. After a while, I realised I had absorbed and then adapted them to my personal style (rather than the other way round).

One of my blogging/twitter friends said this when I asked him about a writer’s voice: “just find the writing style that makes you most comfortable” (thanks, Paul!). I think he’s right. If you struggle and agonise over ‘finding’ your voice, you’re doomed to failure. Just relax and write, and the real ‘you’ will come over in your writing.


  1. I think it's knowing the mechanics so well, there is no feeling of effort in the structuring of the sentences, or transition between scenes.

  2. I like that...voice is me.

    That pretty much sums it up!

  3. Hi Paula,

    If the glove fits . . . ;)

    Have a great hol!


  4. okay, my original post never saved. sorry! I love this--your voice is you. perfect.