Thursday, June 9, 2011

As An Author

As an author I'd love it if people got these three things out of my writing:

A satisfying, emotional read, where the characters and story seem real. I also want to live up to my tag line in every story: Sultry romance. Sexy heroes. Spunky heroines.

I love it when people say, "Your book was so good I couldn't put it down." I want that to happen for all of my books.

And I'd love to be one of those authors whose books are read again and again. I have books I've read over and over again just because they're that good. I'd love it if someday I'd hear people say, "Oh, Debra St. John's such and such book was so good I've read it four times. I can't wait until her next one comes out." I love for all of my titles to be on people's keeper shelves.

But in order for any of that to happen, I need to keep my immediate goal for the summer is to finish my WIP and get further into a novella for a new line at Champagne Rose (TWRP).

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Those are great goals, Debra! I have a few of those authors on my shelves--someday I'd love to join them!

  2. I've also heard people say when you go to the bookstore to picture where all of your books with be in the romance section...find your spot alphabetically and imagine an entire shelf full of titles...

  3. Many years ago, I found several copies of one of my HQ books at a shop in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, of all places. I was blushing furiously as I took it to the checkout!
    My friend said I should tell them I'd written it and people would have lined up for autographs, but I was FAR to embarrassed to do that at the time. Nowadays I might actually do it, if it ever happened again!
    Good luck with your goals, Debra!

  4. Hi Debra,

    I concur with Paula: Good luck with all your goals. I recall a male author once saying he and friends went into book stores, picked his books off the shelf and discreetly re-deposited them on promotional book platforms front of store (directly inside the main doors) where best-selling author latest releases were staged. Cheeky, but good marketing strategy. ;)


  5. Since I write for a small press and don't get my books into bricks and mortar stores, I can only imagine the thrill of finding one of mine in a book store.

    Another strategy, aside from moving the book to a different section - very cheeky, but what a great marketing ploy! - is to turn book covers out instead of spines out on the shelves.

  6. Mine were on about the third level of a Harlequin stand in the shop. Maybe I should have moved them to the top shelf i.e. eye-level!
    Actually I think I was more shocked than thrilled because it was about 8 years after it had first been published.

  7. Those are the best things about being a writer. Good luck on you wip!

  8. Thanks Kathi,

    I've been away from it for a while working on other things, so now it's a matter of getting back in the flow!