Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remember me thrice!

Don't remember me for my hunky cabana boy slash rich business manager.
Think of me as a creator of heroes you can visit in your dreams because th heroines were just like you.
For settings so vivid that tidbits of information lodge effortlessly in an accessible-when-needed lobe of your brain. Next to the lyrics of Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now.'
And for going to work groggy because you couldn't find a dull chapter hook and had to keep reading.


  1. Oh Ana, I love it (although hunky cabana boys aren't half bad). I love those groggy mornings due to reading a book all night!

  2. Love the idea of heroes you can visit in your dreams - reminds me of the dream I had about Colin Firth the other night :-)

  3. Oh, I so remember all those times I just couldn't go to sleep without reading just one more page...chapter...bok.

    I love it when a book does that!

  4. Ooops. Make that 'book'...not 'bok'. Yeesh.

  5. Hi Ana,

    Sorry to be late! Yep, been there done that: stayed up 'til dawn reading a book in which I knew the hero (bad boy hero-cum-MC) was going to get his leg-over someone he shouldn't. I just had to know when and how and the consequences! ;)