Monday, June 20, 2011

Character Interview with Samantha Stone

Argh! I’m so frustrated I could scream! Oh, hello there. Sorry for my bad manners. How about I introduce myself first; I’m Samantha, art gallery owner extraordinaire. I’ve got this great little SOHO gallery filled with some amazing modern art, although if you ask my brother, Gideon, he’ll probably say it’s garish and ugly.
Ugh, I’m jumping ahead again. Okay, let me take a deep breath and slow down.

Although we look nothing alike (I’m dark-haired and pixie-ish and he’s all deep blond and golden lion-like) I’m Gideon’s little sister, a fact he takes great pleasure in reminding me of whenever he thinks I should be doing something his way, which is pretty much always. If you have a big brother, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Well, anyway, he’s not all that bad; actually, he’s a pretty great guy. He’s extremely loyal, the first one to help out, he plays basketball and mentors kids at the local youth center.  He can be tough to get to know, though, especially since he built this almost impenetrable wall around himself after his car accident put him in a wheelchair three years ago, and he’s very careful who he lets in, especially if that “who” is a woman.

But, I have a plan. Now, if Gideon actually heard me say I have a plan, he’d yell at me, in that deep-voiced boom he has. Luckily, he’s not around (picture me sticking out my tongue here). I’m going to set him up with my new best friend, Lily. Lily is a widow who moved here from Philadelphia and lives in the apartment across the hall from mine. She’s pretty and graceful and smart and just as wary of men as Gideon is of women.  And the kicker? She has the cutest six-year-old daughter you’d ever want to meet. Claire is adorable! And Gideon is a sucker for kids. He’ll make the best dad someday.

The only problem I have is that I can’t make the setup obvious to either of them. Anytime I’ve suggested to Lily that I set her up with one of my guy friends (and I have a lot), she’s always brushed it aside, saying she’s too busy with her PR clients or with taking care of Claire. I admire her for her ability to juggle motherhood and a career. She’s an amazing mom and is always finding fun things to do in the city with Claire on weekends.  But she seriously needs some time for herself and a man in her life.

I just have to figure out the best way to have them meet each other. As I said, it can’t be too obvious. Because, despite the fact that he used to pull my pigtails when I was little (there’s a reason why my hair is short and spiky, and it’s not just fashion!), I would never want to hurt him. And of course, after the fiasco with his last girlfriend, whose name I won’t even mention because she was a viper from...anyway, she was horrible and the mere mention of dipping a toe into the dating pool makes Gideon’s face turn all dark and foreboding and even I’m a little afraid to continue. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t think he should take a chance with Lily.

Hmm, food...they both like chocolate (or I should say love, in Lily’s case); kids...Gideon loves kids, but I wouldn’t want to freak Lily out (she’s very protective of Claire). Oh I know! My gallery is having another opening next week. I’ll invite them both to it and see if I can’t arrange for them to bump into each other. It’s always crowded and that will probably let me control things without making it seem like I’m in control. Don’t you think?

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  1. Jen, this is wonderful! I love how you've shown the two main characters from someone else's POV. This would have made a great preface to 'A Heart of Little Faith'!

  2. Jennifer (who's had to run out!) suggested we should all add a comment which is a reaction from one of our characters, either relating to or contradicting something Samantha said.

    So here goes - a comment from Jess Harper, my heroine in 'His Leading Lady':

    Samantha, I think it's great that you want to find some way to introduce your brother to your best friend. You obviously adore him, even if he did pull your pigtails. That sounds a bit like my twin sister Lora, who drove me to distraction when we were kids - and still does at times! Anyway, Gideon and Lily might be good for each other, so hope your plan works!

  3. Thanks so much for introducing us to Samantha. I think Gideon and Lily just might find the perfect match in each other.

  4. From Abby in "Wild Wedding Weekend":

    Hello Samantha, Growing up as an only child I often felt like I missed out on the camaradarie of brothers and sisters. After marrying Noah, who has four siblings, I finally have the big family I always longed for. Always stay close to your brother. Good luck with your match-making plans!

  5. Addy from "Silver Screen Heroes" says:

    Always hold firm to your family. I lost mine in an earthquake, so you never know how long you'll have them. I was taken in by my Uncle Henry and my cousins are very close. What you're doing to help your brother is just beautiful. I wish you all the best in your match making!

  6. Oh, you sound like my assistant, Ramona. She's always trying to set me up with someone she's sure is perfect for me. She's my best friend and I love her to death, but I don't want a man. I have my career, and the spare bits of offtime I have are all mine. She persists, though. So she can tell him to meet me on the track. As soon as he sees I can beat him, he'll be gone like all the rest.
    Angel Foster from WIP Time for Love

  7. Nice job everyone! Thanks for visiting and keep 'em coming!

  8. Hi,

    Sam, dear girl, all this talk of match-making quite clutters the mind with woeful recriminations. For your plan could so easily fall foul of man's innate sense of impending entrapment. After all, Gideon's independence and desire to be a source of inspiration to others of his ilk, will be sore tested when faced with the reality of a fairy godmother at work. A word of advice, sweet girl. Beware the temptation to sprinkle fairy dust liberally as one does with confetti. Much better a speck here, a little blown with a kiss there, and save the rest for the ultimate caress! I should know, for I went OTT with Cinderella and Prince Charming, when the sweet girl would have been so much better suited to Dandini.

    F ;)