Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are You a ReReader?

My TBR pile is overflowing. Literally. This is what the area next to my rocking chair in the library looks like.

Not to mention that I've downloaded a bunch of new books to my Kindle. Some of them I'm saving for my cruise in March, but I do want to get to the Christmas ones this season.

So what am I reading? The Twilight series. For like the dozenth time. And I'm not exaggerating. I picked them up after seeing the final movie (twice) when it premiered a couple of weeks ago. I'm almost done with Breaking Dawn. We're not talking short stories here. These are big books, 500, 700, 800 pages plus.

I'm not sure what it is about these books that makes me come back to them time and time (and time) again. Yes, I love vampires. And yes, I have a huge crush on Edward. There are lines and sections of each of the books that I literally have memorized. Yet every time I sit down and read them, I love them.

I've reread other books, too. Probably not as many times as these. But there are books I always come back to. Why is it that with a huge pile of books I've never read before and revisions to do on my own mss waiting for me, I pick up something familiar? I think that must be the ultimate compliment to an author. To enjoy something s/he has written so much that you return to it again and again.

I had a compliment like that once. Last year in a review for A Christmas to Remember the reviewer said it was a book she'd read again. "I know I will keep this and read it over and over again every year." - MDobson, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.

So, how about you? Are you a rereader? Or is once enough for you?

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. I have to confess I've have never read or seen Twilight, Debra (okay, so my literary education is sadly lacking!).
    I've also got dozens of books I haven't yet read, including about 60 on my Kindle(which, in the main,I download to support friends because I know what a boost you can get from seeing your Amazon ranking shoot up!). Eventually I will read them, although I think I need a 10 week cruise to get through them all!
    The main books I have read and re-read are Jane Eyre, Sharon Penman's Sunne in Splendor, and Anya Seton's Katherine.

  2. See? I'm so bad. I've never read those classics.

    Ah well, maybe some day.

    And I wouldn't say your literary education is lacking...I think I'm the one who has my priorities in the wrong place!

  3. I re-read the books that have passages I can't forget. A vivid lovescene, for example, really "gets" me. Bertrice Smalls are erotic. Others have such wonderful build-up, they don't need a single word about the actual act.
    Also, reunion scenes after black moments. When the HEA seems impossible and then love triumphs.

  4. I've been re-reading more lately... even though I have a HUGE tbr pile. There's something about the comfort and familiarity of a book you love.

  5. I reread Lynn Kurland's time travel series frequently. I love her writing and characters. Otherwise, there aren't that many that I can think of that I want to reread. I do have to get to my TBR pile--it's getting embarrassing. :)

  6. Ana, One of my favorite books to reread is one called "Mariah", an old Harlequin Superromance. I've read through it so many times it's completely tattered...the love sensual scenes are my favorites.

    Loni, I agree. I think it's the comfort of something familiar.

    Jennifer, I totally know what you mean about the pile!