Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's your favorite body language tell?

I was searching sites for a body language “tell” yesterday and came across this list by Mack LeMouse in BODY LANGUAGE SIGNS OF LYING.  The science behind these may not be certain, but I thought some ideas here were potentially useful.
A woman ready for more intimate interaction will: (Think Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.}
Expose her wrists      Expose her neck       Caress her own leg
Fondle a cylindrical object          Open her mouth slightly
Play with her hair       Blink a lot         Slip her shoe on and off
Cross her legs and point them to you (crossing the legs makes women look thinner)
Point her foot at you           “Accidentally' touch you a lot

Males flirt, too. Someone's interested in your girl if…
He points his foot towards her          His pupils dilate
He 'accidentally' touches her a lot    He tucks his fingers in his belt
He puts his hands behind his back, thrusting forward his chest


  1. Oooh, I like these! I think I've had heroines play with their hair and a hero's pupils dilate. And there's definitely been 'accidental' touching. I'm going to have to try the others. Great list, thanks!

  2. I like these too. I've had my heroine twisting her fingers round the stem of her wine glass! Think another one might be running her tongue along her lower lip too!

  3. Lip moistening would definitely be an invitation, Paula.
    Glad the list gave you some ideas, Debra. Some aren't very subtle, but mating usually isn't. We humans think we are subtle.. Ha!

  4. Knee contact under a table is another good one. Or shoulder to shoulder contact. Accidental, of course!

  5. I like these, although the men sound a bit like gorillas! But there are some great tells here! Can't wait to use them.

  6. I love these and had only heard of a few before!