Saturday, July 20, 2013

F's from the younger generation

For a week now, I've hosted a houseful of creative thirty-year olds. One is enrolled in screenplay writing school. Three years ago, he created (with two partners) a Doritos commercial that aired during the Superbowl. Another just learned she won a first place in an IFP script contest. A former Olympic-bound gymnast used to do set decoration for Target ads and is branching into art direction for films. Others write music, act, do sound recording, filming. One's acting genre is zombie commercials and films.

All are collaborative. And fearless. The musician couple shared how they used to be 'fixed' in their songwriting; once they wrote a song, they felt it was etched in stone. Over time, they've learned to write a song and let it go. If it 'works,' they keep it. If it flops, they set it aside and will pluck out the best bits for reworking into new material.

I was struck by how I am where they were. I been holding onto my WIP, thinking it could be no more or less than my original vision. Maybe it can, or maybe it could be revised or updated.

The new contest winner noted how she needed a deadline. (She needed and got an extension, and still won.) She offered to hold my deadline. I asked for an extension until next winter. There's no way I can write right now. For five more days, I'm cooking their meals, washing their dishes, being one of their go-fers--and picking CSA veggies and shipping soup orders.

And soaking up their flexibility and fearlessness.


  1. Although I admire their energy and enthusiasm, I must confess I wouldn't like to be 30 again - but maybe today's generation have more confidence than I had at their age!

  2. They are a different generation--in priorities, in attitude.--caused, i think, by access to the Internet and cell phones. Everyone is connected to everyone else.

  3. I think it's great if you can take some pieces of them and adapt them to fit your needs. So often we talk about the younger generation learning from the older. I think it's important to remember that it can go both ways.