Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Technology For Inspiration

When do you get inspired?

I find I get inspired at the most inconvenient of times, like in the shower or in the car or while walking the dog. During those times, my mind is free to wander, and when I’m not stressing over what I have to accomplish that day, or an upcoming project, or trying to remember a grocery list, plot elements pop into my head.

I have an iPhone, so while walking one day, I tried dictating my ideas into the phone using the built-in microphone. Unfortunately, it only recorded the last three words I spoke, and since I don’t want to dictate three words at a time—it tends to disrupt the rhythm and makes me forget what I was thinking in the first place—I knew I needed another option.

Being a Facebook junkie, I decided to crowd-source and see if there were any speech-to-text apps that my friends recommended. Unfortunately, many of my friends didn’t think I knew about the built-in microphone, so many of them suggested I try that. But finally, my go-to tech guy suggested DragonDictation by Nuance Communications.

I checked it out and it seems robust enough on first glance to do what I want. You record what you want to say and then you have the option of sharing it multiple ways—by email, text, etc. Of course, today while walking the dog, I was not inspired at all, but hopefully, within the next few days, I’ll be able to try it out and see how it works.

Has anyone else tried anything that they like?


  1. I haven't tried anything technological for making sure bursts of inspiration don't get lost. I'm still in the old-fashioned pen and paper (or gum wrapper or ATM slip or receipt) stage. Which isn't good while out walking or driving or...

    The app you talked about sounds interesting. You'll have to keep us updated as to how you like it and how well it works.

  2. I had a dictaphone when I was doing family history, so I could talk into it when exploring graveyards etc, instead of scribbling everything down. It was basically a mini tape recorder - so it now belongs in the dark ages!
    I think my phone has a talk application, but I haven't tried it. Like Debra, I rely on paper (I always have a notebook in my handbag)

  3. Ditto for me, but I'll be interested to see how well it works for you.