Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Book and A Chat

Jennifer was on the radio

This past Sunday, I was interviewed for a podcast about my books. I’m always up for new publicity ideas, so I did some research into radio broadcasts about books and sent press releases out to several of them.

Barry Eva, the host, contacted me and we arranged to speak on Sunday. Barry is the host of A Book and A Chat, which is on BlogTalk Radio. He’s also a writer, so he’s very author friendly.

I called in five minutes before our appointed time, he gave me an overview of what to expect, put me on mute while the intro music played, introduced me and took me off mute. What followed was twenty-five minutes of a delightfully comfortable interview. The focus was my newest book, The Seduction of Esther, but he also asked about my other books and gave me time at the end to let people know where to reach me.

In addition to the podcast, he also puts it on his blog for people to link to. So, if you’re a writer looking to promote your work, I highly recommend him. If you’re a reader, I also recommend him—he’s interested in all kinds of books and he has a lovely British accent! J

Here are the links to my broadcast, if you’re interested:


  1. Great interview, Jen - and good to hear your voice! Not surprisingly your accent reminds me of my NJ cousins (and also the speed at which they talk too!). I was trying to place the guy's British accent, somewhere north London, I think (and different from here in the northwest!)

  2. Oh no, I try so hard not to have a NJ accent! I guess I can't help the speed though. Never really thought about that.

  3. I'm not sure whether my cousins have NJ accents, but you did sounds like one of them, in particular. Maybe it only seemed fast because I'm not used to listening to an American accent. I had problems understanding my friend's American husband when they were over here last month (my friend still has her British accent despite 40 years living in America), and it takes me a few days to get used to the accents when I'm in America or Canada.

  4. How exciting--and how nice that the interview went so well, Jen.

  5. Paula, it's funny you say that, because I had to listen very carefully to him in order to understand him, even though I didn't find his accent very heavy since he's living in the US.

    Thanks, Ana. I really enjoyed doing it. He was very laid-back and friendly.

  6. And I had no problem listening to him, Jen - even though his accent was London-ish!

  7. How fun! It is fun to connect a voice to words I've read from you for all of these years!