Monday, November 25, 2013

Rekindling my first love

Ana reminisces about her first love, and how he became the template for her first hero

My first love was an Italian boy named Ronny. He lived in walking distance from my grandparents' northern New Jersey home. I went to an all-girls private high school; he went to public school. His family was warm and boisterous; mine did everything but forbid me to see him.
One of Ronny's close friends was African-American. Steve had a deep, mellifluous voice and exceedingly polite manners on the telephone. My grandmother swooned when he called on the phone. Soon, she and my grandfather were urging me to date him, not Ronnie.
I was so tempted--not because I was attracted to him (though I am pretty sure he had romantic feelings for me), but to teach my grandparents a lesson.
I never did it. I couldn't go that far.
In college, Ronny met someone else. I'm pretty sure my family's prejudice impacted his decision, but maybe I liked him more than he liked me.

How does this relate to writing?
I am up to chapter four in my rewrite of my very first WIP. When I wrote it, my mental image of the hero was Ronny, embellished.
I am deleting scenes that don't advance the plot (lots of them) and making the heroine more mature.
Ronny will remain immortalized in a place where he fought to be with me.


  1. I've used the image of a boy I had a crush on at one time. Though I did change him up a little, I mean I wouldn't want him to figure it out ;)

  2. I think you've got the makings of a great story just in those two contrasts, Ana!

  3. I agree with Jen. Those two would provide the basis for an interesting story!
    I've never envisioned any of my boyfriends as my heroes, although my very first (1960s) novel was based on a teenage story about someone I had a crush on at one time. For the rest of my heroes, I rely on my imagination - and fantasy!

  4. Since I am half-Italian, I appreciate your appreciation! I didn't know it until after I fell, but my first big crush was also half-Italian.It never occurred to me to make it part of a story, but then,I just started writing romance.
    Your story is wonderful.Memories and feelings run deep.

  5. I actually never thought about using the entire experience as part of a plot, but it would be possible.

  6. I've used a few real people in my stories, but only as secondary characters. My heroes come purely from my imagination and fantasy.

    However, I do use familiar settings in my stories. The setting for my first published book was based on the bar where I met my hubby. It's closed now, so it's fun to be able to revisit it in the pages of my book and to think it lives on in some small way.